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National Anthem

Arise. O compatriots Nigeria’s call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labour of our heros past Shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might One nation bound in freedom,peace And unity.

O God of creation direct our noble cause Guide our leaders right Help our youth the truth to know In love and honesty to grow And living just heights attain To build a nation where peace and justice Shall reign.


With all our hearts We pray and ask God bless Anambra god bless the shining light that we bear We are the only ones to make her brighter The only ones to make Anambra Shine With our sweat and blood Every breadth of our lives With trust in God We lift our homeland high We believe in togetherness We build a land of progress Lift the spirit of Anambra Lift the spirit of Anambra Lift the spirit of Anambra State we love.


Rise up Oh students of Nkem school To serve this noble school With strength,power and unity By the help of our God
CHORUS: Let us rise the elite members Of this great Institution To build up the school with our Strength in academic and truth Our aim is to excel and grow Through our skills and works To entertain and educate all And to be the number one We must live in peace and harmony As we be the first in all We shall never descend but ascend As we make our school to grow.

Nkem Comprehensive School was established as a commercial school on 14th January 1985 as a result of the proprietor’s vision and zeal in providing quality education to the general public. In 1986, she was approved by The Anambra State Ministry Of Education. When the school system changed to 6-3-3-4 and there was need to become a secondary school, necessary renovations were made and after inspection in 1993, the school was converted to a Comprehensive Secondary School by The State Ministry Of Education. This gave us the qualification to start writing the Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSSCE) in 1994. In view of the law-abiding character of the proprietor, he decided to patiently adhere to the guidance and instructions of the Area Zonal and State Ministry Of Education in the system and in 1998 after series of inspections by The State Ministry Of Education and the West African Examination Council (WAEC). The school was approved as a centre for West African Senior School Certificate Education (WASSCE) the examination we have been writing since 1999. However, the school has suffered two serious set-backs of which one of them is the unauthorized demolition of our school buildings (one of the science blocks and toilet) by the ital-system company. Many qualified individuals in different fields have been produced by the school and they are giving good account of themselves in various companies, schools and churches. There are mapped out programmes and projects to help improve the present state of the school by the special grace of God. On 11th September 2011, there was a great vacuum as a result of the death of the founder of the school but glory be to God that we have been moving from strength to strength.
Rules and Policies
The following policies are necessary to help in the administration of the school:-
1. A student becomes indebted to the school for the new term’s school fees from first day of each holidays so any intention to withdraw from this school, shall be made known to the school authority on or before the last of each team otherwise the new term’s school fees and levies shall be paid before such withdrawal.
2. There will be fees drive after two weeks of term 2 but no student is allowed to come back to school in term 1 & 3 unless the school fees has been paid.
3. Payment of total school fees (7,100.00) shall be only in two installments if the payer cannot pay it at once. This total school fees is subject to change by the school authority.
4. If there is any need for any levy other than the existing ones, the school shall notify the parent through writing.
5. There will be a graduation ceremony for all SS 3 students no matter the period a student has covered or been in the school provided the student has written the WASSCE or NECO SSCE.
6. During the ceremonies, the chairman and supporters shall be made up of the parents of the graduates who will donate not less than the sum of one thousand naira (1,000.00) each.
7. Every other parent/sponsor of our students shall attend the graduation of each year and make a donation of not less than five hundred naira (500.00). Failure to attend or be represented attracts a penalty payable before the end of the term of examination, uncles with a good reason.
8. These are the eternal examinations written in the school for now:-
i. Basic education certificate examination (BECE) for JSS 3 students.
ii. West Africa School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for SS3 students
iii. National Examination council (NECO) for SS3 students.
9. If a student will not continue with the school after writing the BECE he’/she should not register at all.
10. Any student who stubbornly or cunningly registers and writes the exam (BECE) and wishes to withdraw, must pay the two terms school fees and levies for SS1 class before such withdrawal.
11. Every student who writes this exam (BECE) must resume school in the first term, pay the school fees/levies, receive lessons and wait for the result to be published unless agreed with the principal to do otherwise.
12. Forms shall be filled for these exams and returned thus:-
A. JSSCE with the sum of five hundred naira (500.00) for now
B. WASSCE with the sum of five hundred naira (500.00)
C. NECOSSCE with the sum of five hundred naira (500.00) each of these exams is registered between the month of August and December of each year to avoid late entry.
13. Any student who wants to withdraw from the school or the sponsor wishes to withdraw him/her, the school authority must be informed on or before the last day of that term so as to avoid the school budgeting for the new term with the name of the student otherwise the student must pay the new term’s school fees before being allowed to remove his/her locker and other necessary documents including result. Removal of lockers and stools from the school by a student or parent without due process (i.e. after clearance) will be regarded as stealing and shall be treated likewise.
14. There is after school compulsory prep classes for all bonafide JSS3 and SS3 student from the month of September of each year at a fee to be decided. Non-bonafide students for the JSSCE and WASSCE are charged from the month they registered.
15. Every student must resume school in the first week of each new term so as to join the resumption assessment test which is a part of that new term examination. Any student who does not come back as stated above, must still pay the term’s school fees but will not write the resumption assessment test unless there was an early information given that is acceptable for the student not coming back on time.
16. No female student of this school is allow to visit the school in trousers unless after one full year graduation. A student who goes against this police shall be disgraced and not attended to.
17. Any SS3 student who fails to register for either WASSCE or NECOSSCE will be sent home after the exercise to avoid disturbing others.
18. Parent should as a matter of importance buy all the core textbooks, exercise books, locker, chair and other equipments for their children otherwise whoever lacks any of them shall be sent home.
19. This school does not apply the system of driving students home for non-payment of school fees or lack of equipments unless for lateness so parents should stop asking their children/wards to go to school when they are asked not to come.
20. The PTA is arm in the administration of the school. The PTA meeting is held once a term all things beging equal after the executive meeting. Every absentee shall pay a penalty. As the meeting is to discuss the welfare of the school and students no motion by any parent on personal issues about the students or school will be entertained, rather a parent has right to come to the school anytime he /she is free on notice to discuss about his child or what is wrong in the school than waiting for a PTA meeting. This does not stop a parent from asking question for clarity sake on existing issues.
21. There are four houses in the school namely:
A. House A
B. House B
C. House C
D. House D
22. For a student to be promoted to a new class, he/she must score up to forty (40) point average. A pass in English language and mathematics is of great importance.
23. No visitor to a student is allow unless the visitor is the rightful sponsor.
24. Every visitor to the school must sign the visitor’s book before being attended to.
25. No student is allowed to make use of a cell phone and/or handset in the school except the head boy/girl and those authorized by the principal.
26. If a student fails to collect his/her term 3 (promotional) result before paying the new term’s school fee the school fees must not be refunded in case he/she refuse to repeat the old class. The same punishment is applicable if it is falsification of the term’s result. Note: the above policies/rules are subject to change if the need arises.

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